February 20, 2020
The global platform for microelectronic circuits – verified
The technology development eventually verified the platform functionality. The company is now looking for partners.
February 20, 2018
Development of a ESP32 platform for Sosiometric logging
This platform was developed for a research project for Sosiometric logging functionality. The platform should be able to record sounds, high resolution GPS location (+- 1cm), 9 axis motion detection, altitude measurements and temperature. The data collected is used in Sosciometrics for work environment analysis.
March 25, 2017
Development of a global microelectronic platform
The idea of developing of a platform for microelectronic devices was born. This is a platform that the company belive would radically change the world of electronics.  
February 20, 2016
Development of an directional SMS payment login
This development was to to secure web-pages with a directional login that ensured payment for login functionality. This would increase profits from logins, and create micro-payments to social media platforms making them “almost” free social media platforms. It would also enable online newspapers micro-payments without any annual membership. This would enable more paying customers for […]
January 5, 2015
Product preview released
A preliminary product preview is released. The products listed here  will be updated as soon as possible, to ensure that future customers and investors understand our dedication and determination to be a major player in this market.
August 10, 2014
Another 3D printer by Cyberit Systems
This short article will describe our company’s quest for a 3D printer technology that could deliver what we considered a fast and high quality 3D print. The results of this endeavor will be briefly described. More will come on a later stage! Our need Primarily our company develops electronics, and was initially interested in 3D […]

The Team

  • CEO K C. Brinch

    The founder of the company has a control system background from the energy sector. He has been participating in the most challenging projects with control systems for robotics in offshore drilling environments.
  • CFO - S Koć

    She is the economic driving force of the company, and will be the main asset for the economic expansion. Her sharp-minded attitude will be valuable in the development of the company.
  • Board Director - J.Klyve

    He has extensive knowledge about the technology development, and is one of few that have contributed to the development of the company. He is an innovator and have lifelong experience in the control-system indutry. His contributions are highly valued.
  • Board Member K-T. Brinch

    His knowledge about Cyberit Systems technology is high. His feedback and authority as a reviewer, have helped the company in its path forward.