Simple duplicate tool for quick harddisk cleanup

This is a simple duplicate finder tool for window command line operation. The tool was created one day we had some problems with our server harddrives, that was getting filled up with duplicate files and…

Product preview

Product preview released

A preliminary product preview is released. The products listed here  will be updated as soon as possible, to ensure that future customers and investors understand our dedication and determination to be a major player in this…

Another 3D printer from Cyberit Systems

3D printer prototype

The 3D printer development for our laboratory have resulted in a good prototype. The 3D printer has a theoretical 70x50x0,5 micron x-y-z resolution and 150x100x300 mm build size (expandable to x4 in the x-y plane)….


Technological Articles

The Company have added an article section on the company site. The Company hopes to provide technological articles of interest, and to share interesting solutions to technological problems.